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Planet Friendly Pouches – A Sustainable Choice

If present trends continue, by 2050, there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills worldwide.*

(That is 35,000 times as heavy as the Empire State Building)

Our team at Cermount takes this ominous fact very seriously. With millions of linear feet of flexible packaging materials flowing through our facility each year, we make it our responsibility to be educated on material choices that best serve the environment. We pass this information on to our customers so we can all be environmental stewards.

To this end, Cermount intentionally cultivated relationships with packaging industry innovators on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly packaging materials. Our collaborations have brought us to solutions featuring structures made of renewable content (not petroleum), recycled content, or recyclable through national store drop-off programs.

Now Available! Pouches Made from Renewable Resources!

Cermount is proud to introduce a revolutionary high barrier, tri-laminate pouch made from Renewable cellulose from non-GMO Eucalyptus and Birch trees and “Green” Polyethylene from non-GMO Brazilian sugarcane ethanol.

Product and Marketing Benefits

  • Offers excellent moisture and oxygen barrier for contained products

  • Appeals to consumer interest in environmental sustainability

  • Offers biobased content up to 85% (depends on presence of zipper)


The Renewable High Barrier Tri-laminate, as well as the first pouches made from it, have been approved they the USDA BioPreferred program to use the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label. The biobased content of the tri-laminate is 89%, while the pouch, which incorporates a recloseable zipper made of conventional polyethylene, has a biobased content of 78%. The biobased content was authenticated by a USDA approved 3rd party lab using the ASTM D6866 test standard.  Brand owners using the packaging may use the seal that reflects the % biobased content for their package format (no zipper or with zipper).

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At present there are no commercially available pouch zippers derived from renewable resources. However, we are on a path to change this and will keep our customers up to date.


The ABC’s of the Structure:rolls of laminate

AAppearance (outer layer): presents the product and brand to consumers

Composition:  reverse printed clear NatureFlex (NKA)

BBarrier (middle layer): accomplished through metallization of the laminate

Composition:  Metalized NatureFlex (NKME)

CContainment (innermost layer): provides additional barrier, sealant, and a base for zipper systems

Composition:  Braskem “I’m green” Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

Click here for a Technical Data Sheet detailing the properties of the tri-laminate

Start Your Sustainable Packaging Evolution

Pouches are available for brands wishing to conduct consumer usage and/or stability tests with their products. Contact us at info@cermount.com to make arrangements..

*Geyer, Jambeck, Law Science Advances 2017;3: e1700782 19 July 2017

Development of this revolutionary pouch made from renewable resources was a collaborative effort between the following packaging industry innovators:

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Let Cermount help you differentiate your brand with planet-friendly pouches.

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