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Packaging Excellence Made Easy by Cermount

A brand owner could have the best product in its category, yet if the packaging system is not right, it could be a market failure. The Cermount team has decades of experience in integrating all the factors of a successful package, including material selection, suppliers, and optimal production methods.

We can help resolve important questions like:

  • Will the package your design team has created run efficiently in the long-term?
  • What filling and packaging systems best serve your product’s characteristics?
  • What flexible packaging materials offer optimal barrier – and at what cost?
  • How do volume projections influence options for packaging systems?
  • Should you use pre-formed pouches or roll-stock material?
  • Would gas-flush benefit your product or package?
  • Where can you have shelf stability testing conducted?

Our team has experience with a variety of packing systems, including:

  • Pre-formed flexible pouches (stand-up or lay-flat)
  • Roll-stock form pouches (stand-up or pillow style)
  • Rigid plastic canisters
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Pouch-in-carton
  • #10 cans
  • Folding carton assembly & filling
  • Corrugated shippers & inserts
  • P-O-P display filling & shipping

Our equipment experience and capabilities are also diverse:

  • Vertical form-fill-seal systems
  • Horizontal form-fill-seal systems
  • Filling of multiple components in one pouch
  • Filling dual-compartment pouches
  • Gas flush capability

How can we help?

Cermount offers a comprehensive and innovative array of blending, filling and packaging solutions,
championed by a responsive, approachable and experienced team.

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