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Contract Manufacturing

Cermount specializes in blending, filling & packaging of dry food products and dietary supplements. Commercial consumer products customers find the versatility of our equipment and the responsiveness of our team members to be a welcome resource for their contract manufacturing needs. And with U.S. government agencies among our largest and most regular customers, we have  proven ourselves time-and-time again to manufacture with the highest level of quality and consistency.

Highlights of our 60,000 square foot SQF Level 3 Excellent rated manufacturing facility include:

• Incoming materials inspection & warehousing

• Food product R&D lab and test kitchen

• 3 blending rooms

• 5 filling & packaging lines, including vertical & horizontal form-fill-seal systems and preformed pouch filling equipment

• Positive pressure manufacturing suites, with separate HVAC systems for allergen control prevention of cross-contamination

• FDA Food Site License Registered

• USDA Diary Plant #37-011, using AMS-3 A equipment


Cermount’s expertise has been a huge help to our brand expansion. They supported our launch by filling our pre-made pouches, then provided guidance and technical help as we converted to roll-stock. They have done an exceptional job with forming, filling, and sealing our new roll stock, are timely with order fulfillment, and absolutely great to work with.”

Founder/President, non-GMO, vegan, Kosher granola brand


Our investment in multiple types of equipment allows us to blend a wide variety of dry food ingredients, from fine powders to larger particulates. We can provide a range of blend services, from the homogeneous mixing of bulk-delivered base to custom blending of multiple ingredients and textures.

Types of dry products we can blend include:

  • Baking mixes
  • Dry beverages/drink mixes
  • Flours & sugars
  • Cereals/granola
  • Trail mixes
  • Nuts/seeds/grains
  • Superfoods/nutritional powders
  • And more

Blending capability highlights:

  • 65 cu. ft. double ribbon blender
  • Variable speed paddle blender
  • Shortening extrusion system for bakery mixes
  • High-pressure oil atomization system
  • Homogenous mixing
  • Coating applications
Filling & Packaging

Filling & packaging are areas where the ingenuity and flexibility of the Cermount operations team shine. We have invested in packaging systems that accommodate modest volume runs for emerging brands, as well as streamlined, large volume systems ready to deliver fast and speedy turn-around for developed brands. With a packaging fill range from 4 grams to 25 kilograms, we can address most any need for consumer food and supplement packaging.

Types of packaging we can accommodate include:

  • Pre-formed pouches (Stand-up or Lay-Flat)
  • Roll-stock fed pouches (Stand-up or Pillow-style)
  • Wide mouth jars & canisters
  • Glass jars & bottles
  • Bag-in-box (consumer and industrial sizes)
  • Folding carton assembly & filling

Types of products we can accommodate include:

  • Baking mixes
  • Flours & sugars
  • Dry beverages/ Drink mixes
  • Cereals/granola
  • Coated candies
  • Trail mixes (multi-compartment packs possible)
  • Nuts, seeds & grains
  • Superfoods & nutritional powders
  • Dietary supplements (capsules &tablets)
  • And more

Filling & packaging equipment highlights:

  • Hayssen vertical form-fill-seal machines (with gas flush option)
  • Pre-formed pouch filler (up to 2 separate product fill streams, with gas flush option)
  • Bartelt horizontal form-fill-seal machine (with options for 2-up pouch design, up to 4 separate product fill streams, and gas flush)
  • #10 can filler
  • Automated capsule/tablet counter
  • Custom bottling equipment
  • Pressure sensitive labelers
  • Semi-automated and manual case packing


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DOD: We are the sole source provider to the US Military via the Department of Defense for many dry food blends such as:

  • Biscuit mixes,
  • Pancake mixes,
  • Bakery mixes, and
  • Cake mixes.

All manufacturing is conducted in a custom-built 60,000 sq. ft. facility, following impeccable quality standards:

  • Certified to SQF Level 3 (highest level)
  • Certified to USDA 3-A Dairy Standards
  • FDA Food Site License Registered
  • U.S. DLA Troop Support Food Defense Compliant
  • Certified Organic (USDA/CCOF)
  • Certified Kosher (Orthodox Union)
  • Compliant to 21 CFR 111

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